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Financial Planning Process

Let's Build Something Together

To help chart a course for your financial future, we’ll follow a time-tested process that is realistic in its approach and squarely focused on helping you achieve your goals.

  • 1. Identify Needs & Objectives

    First, we'll discuss your financial objectives to determine what you want to accomplish - your goals and dreams. They're important. They matter.

  • 2. Gather Information

    Next, we'll undergo a discovery process to assess your net worth, discretionary cash flow, expenses, current asset allocation, risk exposure, tax situation, and more. It's a starting point that we will build upon, together.

  • 3. Analyze Information

    We treat even the smallest financial details with careful thought and attention, so we can better evaluate how they relate and combine to form the big picture.

  • 4. Develop A Plan Of Action

    Drawn from our discussions, your personalized financial plan will be designed to help you pursue and reach your stated goals.

  • 5. Implement The Plan

    We will outline immediate and long-term steps for you to take, and deliver you the support you need along the way.

  • 6. Review Progress

    Once your plan has been put into action, we will work together to monitor your progress. With each life event that occurs - the birth of a new child, the sendoff to college, the purchase of a larger home, or an early retirement - we will answer your questions, talk through your options, and fine-tune your plan to help you reach your goals.

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